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Skala Skamias

Research, Website Stracture, Production


The incidents of this report present a chronological pass-point: the turning of the Year from 2015 to 2016. Solidarians and volunteers meet in the centre of the village and celebrate, at the exact place where the rescuing of refugees takes place. This moment of celebration signifies how both the concepts of place and everyday life had been transformed.

The Epiphany Feast Day (sanctification of sea water) designated the distinctive trait of this new reality and moreover the communal need to (pre)serve these traditions, to pursue what’s intimate, already known and stable within the uncharted events that took place during that time. Persons that are not “typical inhabitants” of the Community (ekso-xorianoi/xeno-villagers) declare emphatically through their presence that “We are here to help”, whilst the flows had drastically been decreased.

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