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Performances Of Public Anthropology. Distribute Conference

Video Concept


Public anthropology’s goal is to make anthropological knowledge accessible outside the academy, thus placing anthropology’s relation to the public — or more often the lack of it — at the core of the discussion. This panel focuses on alternative ethnographic methods — extra-textual formats (videos, performance art, song) and experimental public events (stand-up comedy, games, confestivals) — as modes of disseminating anthropological thought beyond the academy and discusses how performative formats can contribute to rethinking theoretical and methodological issues in anthropology and redefining its relation to the public.

Penelope Papailias (University of Thessaly) will speak about the experience of producing and staging public anthropological events as a new mode of pedagogy, collaboration, conviviality and communication, with potential to re-form relations (and hierarchies) between research and teaching, students and professors, the university and the local community. Eleana Yalouri will reflect on how experimental methods challenge dominant assumptions regarding knowledge production. Aris Anagnostopoulos (University of Kent) will address the interplay between anthropology, performance art and community engagement. Alexandra Siotou and Alexandros Papageorgiou (anthrobombing research team, University of Thessaly) will discuss the possibilities, limitations and ramifications of using the genre of stand-up comedy as a tool for public anthropology.

‘Performances of public anthropology’ panel at the virtual international conference Distribute 2020 was organized and coordinated by the team of the research project ‘Anthrobombing: narrative experimentations for the design of a public anthropology platform’ *Video concept by Constantinos Diamantis.

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