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Decolonize this City

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Greece Branch & Experimental Humanities Collaborative Network

Video, Production


The video of the anti-guided tour Decolonize the city! was filmed on February 20, 2022, in Volos. This action was designed by students of the undergraduate course “Colonialism and Cultural Criticism” (Department of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology, University of Thessaly, lecturer P. Papailia) in the winter semester 2021-22, in collaboration with the initiative dëcoloиıze hellάş.

Idea, research & production: Penelope Papailia Research & production: Georgia Pavelis Planning team: Despo Kassandrou – Evi Theodoropoulou – Evi Triantafyllou Team “Railroad”: Orestis Befanis – Voula Buliou – Dimitra Morosou – Nino Mtsendlinze Team “Kyniyi”: Fotini Kitou – Christos Lykas – Erika Tsiukantana Team “Archaeology”: Yuli Bakami – Michalis Panagiotopoulos – Zoe Tatakou Graphic Design: Chrysa Tsaroucha – Lioti – Erika Tsioukantana Video: Constantinos Diamantis – Ilias Marios Chaliamalias

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